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about MIB 3

did u know ...

1. Men In Black is the longest ever movie sequel starring Will Smith, which is 15 years. 10 years is longer than the movie bad boys.

2. success of the men in black 3 would affect the continuation of the fourth installment. However, Will Smith and Tommy Lee expressed compassion to think back to play in the film.

3. Until its release, the actual production of the movie Men In Black a lot of trouble. One was caused by a screenwriter, David Koepp, has been stopped because it was under contract in the movie Spiderman. do not get the chemistry, the writing of the script was repeated.

4. Like father like son. If Will Smith did not continue playing in the movie Men in Black 4. biological son Jadden Smith is expected to take the place left by his father

Roberto Di Matteo, while the most successful coach in Chelsea

Undergraduate business that fell on the gridiron

only within 75 days, Roberto Di Matteo managed to present two prestigious trophy, the FA Cup and Champions League. Fantastic achievement for a coach who initially thought football was just a hobby.

Di Matteo said he raised the parents who want their children educated to the highest. consequently after graduating bachelor of business in a college in Switzerland, Di Matteo just started his professional career as a football player.

his name became known in Switzerland after successfully bringing a champion FC Aarau Swiss Super League in 1993. after that he moved to Lazio, but it only lasted for 3 years. In 1996 he moved to Chelsea FC and the club's most expensive purchase made ​​at the time.

in February 2002, he was forced to retire early (age 31) as frustrated by the injury. The most severe is the current three fractured his leg and forced him out of action for 18 months

Di Matteo seemed to regain his fortune when it was offered last summer to become assistant Andre Villas Boas. when Boas failed, Di Matteo's like finding a new science. Di Matteo is for coaches who fail to learn from them ..

"I learned not to repeat their mistakes" says Di Matteo

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Many prospective students think, would be easily accepted into PTS. In fact such an assumption is not appropriate because many private universities are now starting to implement a system of entrance examinations into account the National Examination (UN).
This policy is one of the steps taken by the University to continue to ensure the quality and the continued study of learners. It is well to fix sumbert human resources (HR) is widely expected to compete in the world of work later.

Association of Private Higher Education Indonesia (Aptisi) DIY have expressed readiness to implement the national examination for entry to college this year. This requirement is meant to giving out awards for success, especially the efforts of students in their studies. But for the other parameters or requirements Aptisi not create uniformity. Another requirement was to be PTS authority concerned, especially the percentage composition between the UN and other support requirements. PTN is the first choice applicants before deciding on a destination when the PTS is not accepted as a student PTN. Therefore, the PTS is still expected to work hard to be equivalent to the PTN, both the quality and supporting infrastructure lainnya.dalam new admissions this year, in addition to making the UN as the main requirement. Policy outcomes entrance examination to be a prerequisite PTS is an effort to improve the quality of high school graduates. Therefore, if the implementation is successful, it will positively impact the education system. Own implementation of the UN's credibility will be measured through several indicators. As reports from supervisors, teachers, college appointed, until the results of the UN inter-regional comparisons. On the other hand, there are also private universities are in fact already have quality standards to determine a prospective student meets the criteria and can follow the entire course of study at college. UN role in determining not only the students' graduation. UN also plays a role in determining the future of students, to continue their studies into higher education, a career in the world of work, and so forth.


Almost certainly be no successful students in the study if it conflicts with their interests.
Accreditation indicates quality or ability of the PTS in carrying out a program of study. This status is obtained after extensive evaluation of all the necessary elements.

At this very realistic if you choose educational programs that can equip you with skills to compete in the snatch jobs.
DEGREE and designations.
After graduation, you will receive a diploma and one of these is an academic degree or professional designation.

Diperguruan college involves a lot of high cost components. If you can stay at home during college, this should you choose.
How long do you want to spend time in college. Traffic other than specified by you, it also depends on the track or level of education that you take.

You are required to be able to predict the prospects of your chosen field of study in entering employment after graduation.
Before you register, it's good you try to ask and find out the number of tenured faculty in the PTS. How many people hold S2, S3.Because the knowledge that you may well be largely determined by faculty.

 Reputation means the PTS is generally well known as PTS, has a good teaching and learning facilities with adequate facilities. Graduates also have no difficulty in finding jobs.
Magnificent buildings and air-conditioning alone is not sufficient to guarantee the good teaching and learning process. Facilities such as laboratories, libraries, etc. are also indispensable for the success of students.

So, for you it helps prospective students find out the tips above for the success of your studies and career.


Electricity demand is increasing and there are still many remote areas that do not get electricity one solution that can be used are solar panels that convert solar energy into electrical energy. This tool is particularly appropriate when used in Indonesia under the equator the sun can heat all day and abundant throughout the year. If only every roof and roof of the building - the building has a roof made of solar panels, will certainly reduce the burden of PLN to supply electricity because it can produce its own electricity. Unfortunately, the price for solar panel cells are expensive and not affordable to the public. If solar is produced in Indonesia, certainly cheaper. Government needs to subsidize solar panels for people in remote areas and islands - a small island. The need for electricity is necessary for every citizen, it is better if the subsidy panel conducted in the village - poor and remote villages so that they can enjoy the benefits of a country.


Ambition of creating a humanoid robot that can be considered completely unrealistic. Robot with a more specific task is more easily created and received by the user community.
Give greetings on Kibo, if you said to him politely, Kibo will give gifts, hugs, and probably will dance a la Lady Gaga.Kibo can show 10 kinds of human emotions such as surprise, anger, and happiness. Kibo is created with technology developed for Asimo robot from Honda. He is one of today's most sophisticated robot. He is also new evidence to answer the biggest question the world of technology: Can we create robots that behave like human beings?

Kibo is a robot from south korea on display in innorobo, the largest robotics event in Europe held in Lyon, France 14 to 16 March last. Kibo is the first visit abroad.
Industry should create a machine that has a specific job. Robopolis, irobot distributor in France successfully sell the Roomba, unanimous berberbentuk machine to clean the floor. The desire to create a humanoid robot that can do the housework is thought yangb wrong. Because to do activities like human beings, robots require a very complex series of codes. "We have long dreamed of being a robot in human life but the plan may be a little vain - vain if people want to play a god. What do we want a machine running that mirror our own "